You are interested in adopting but not sure about a shelter dog? You are worried about house training, personality, history, health, good with kids, and good with other dogs, - can I really train an older dog new tricks?

Well yes, you really can, and shelter dogs are not broken, untrainable or different from other dogs. However, they are uniquely special in a way that only a person who brings a rescued dog into their lives can understand. They love harder, seek to please just a little more, loyal to a fault and yes they do fear abandonment, but ask yourself this, what if no one ever treated you kind, loved you or simply just dumped you one day without cause. Would you fear abandonment or worse? Of course you would!

So yes, rescued dogs are different in all the right ways and we spend a great deal of time training, transforming and caring for all of our For Otis Sake rescue dogs healthcare needs. When you meet them they are healthy, happy and working towards their transformation. They are unique, loving, silly, loyal and most of all ready to make your life better.

You want a purebred? Well not a problem they too are dumped at high-kill shelters and we can bring them here to you on one of our many transports. Do you want a toy, small, medium, large, giant breed? We can find you any dog and will go to great lengths to find a perfect match just for you and your family.

Always, always adopt - Don't Shop! We can help you find the perfect new furry family member.

Pet Adoption


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