Volunteer with For Otis Sake

Volunteer with For Otis Sake

For Otis Sake is a volunteer-powered, foster-based non-profit rescue.  Our greatest asset is our volunteers and the time, energy, dedication, and expertise that they bring to our organization.  The more volunteers we have, the more animals we can save.  WE NEED YOU!

Volunteer Opportunities

There are a variety of opportunities for volunteers within our organization; from performing home visits, transporting animals, working adoption and special events, fundraising, to clerical tasks such as checking applications, calling references, and making rescue-related calls.  And, of course, there is fostering.  Since For Otis Sake is a foster-only organization with no physical location, this is a high need activity.  

Rescue work is unpredictable; there are busy and slow times.  A few months may go by and there is very little activity, and then suddenly 3 or 4 dogs come in at the same time and we need lots of help.  It may seem then like we are contacting you all the time! We understand that there may be times that you can not help.  Our goal is to help as many dogs as we can but so as to not overburden our volunteers.  

The list below outlines broad categories of volunteer activities, but is not an exhaustive list of all our needs.  If you have a specific skill, passion, or interest, please be sure to let For Otis Sake team members know so that they can best match you to tasks!  

  • Fostering  – Open your home and heart to a dog in transition to its forever home. Since we have no physical facility, this is a high need area for us.  


  • Home Visits – Visit potential homes to ensure that animals will receive the training and care they need to flourish.


  • Transport – Transport animals to/from fosters/boarding facilities/vet appointments/events and support transport events by walking/watering animals.
  • Adoption Events – Help facilitate adoption events by handling dogs, meeting with potential adopters, answering questions about the FOS adoption process and performing other miscellaneous tasks needed to run an adoption event.
  • Special Events – Attend special events and provide assistance as needed (setting up event, selling FOS merchandise, serving refreshments, etc.)


  • Fundraising – Help coordinate fundraising activities and sell tickets or other items associated with fundraising efforts (FOS merchandise, raffle tickets, event tickets, etc.) and/or solicit donations from local businesses and organizations as needed.  


  • Marketing/PR – Help spread the word about the For Otis Sake rescue, its events, activities, and fundraisers through various outlets (mailings, email, social media tools, posters, etc.)


If you are interested in volunteering with For Otis Sake please complete our online volunteer application and select the activities that most interest you OR send an email to volunteers@forotissake.org and we will personally send you the link to apply.  

Upon receipt of your completed application, you will be notified of upcoming volunteer orientations.  Specifics regarding each type of volunteer activity will be discussed further at these meetings.  Depending upon the activities you choose, additional training may be recommended/required.

We can’t wait for you to join our team!

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